Pricing and Gift Vouchers

Corrie Couture Pricing and Gift Vouchers


Pricing is reasonably flexible, and I will try to work to your budget, but each fascinator and hat take both materials and time (more than you might think!) to create.

Small fascinators on combs or alice bands from £40

Small hatinators* from £85

Large hatinators* from £100

Extra large hatinators* from £120

Hat with blocked crown and brim from £175

Prices can vary with the the style of decoration and finish.  A price range is agreed at the initial discussion and is based on the amount of work estimated.

Each creation is supplied in a sturdy hat box with acid free tissue packaging.  Care must be taken when placing the lid on any hat box to prevent feathers getting trapped and damaged.  Small fascinators may be presented in a cardboard bag with acid free tissue.

Corrie Couture Dictionary:

*”Hatinators” are a cross between fascinators and hats, sometimes formed from a brim and some sort or separate crown, and are reasonably large but require an alice band or other method of securing to the head.


Gift vouchers are available from Susan Corrie (please email or call for details) and are valid for one year.  They can either be made out for a monetary value or for a particular item.

Vouchers for “a hat” or “a fascinator” will be costed as accurately as is possible.  However, as prices vary on design, any unspent value will be returned to the voucher with a further six months validity and any overspend can be settled up on collection of the finished piece.

Vouchers are numbered and the value noted.